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Meco Motors supplies single and three phase variable frequency drives, and optical and magnetic encoders, that regulate motor speed and keep electric motors running much more efficiently.

Single and Three-Phase Inverters for Motor Speed Control

Fuji Frenic

Meco Motors is an authorized distributor of Fuji Electric Systemís FRENIC line of variable frequency drives, recognized as one of the worldís premier lines of inverters. With a little help from a Fuji variable frequency drive, youíll keep your electric motor running at its peak, with controlled speed that boosts energy efficiency and increases the motorís lifespan.HVAC drive

The FRENIC line is an inclusive series of single and three-phase variable torque and constant torque inverters:

• Micro inverters (single and three phase)

• Low noise standard-type inverters (three phase)

• Variable torque load inverters for fans and pumps (three phase)

• High performance compact inverters (single or three phase)

• High performance vector control inverters for constant torque applications (three phase)

Programmable encoder Fujiís FRENIC-Eco series inverters deliver the highest level of motor efficiency, which can help your facility save on your annual energy consumption. These high quality inverters optimize control beyond just the applied motor to optimize power consumption for your overall system.

Encoders Save Energy and Money

Meco Motors supplies optical and magnetic encoders that maximize an electric motorís continuous torque output and power efficiency. The shaft encoders we stock are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications and are used to monitor and track operations, increase production output and reduce waste.

We carry C-face, hub shaft or hollow shaft mounting configurations from respected motor control manufacturers such as BEI and Avtron.

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