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Energy Efficiency
Meco Motors Helps You Meet Energy Compliance Standards

Energy Efficient Fan Electric motor systems account for 23% of all electricity consumed in the United States and 70% of all electrical energy in the manufacturing sector. The energy required to operate all electric motors erupted a staggering 26 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in 2004—and this is expected to grow another 65% by 2030.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) was enacted to introduce more energy efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. This federal law, which took effect on December 19, 2010, requires electric motors, Energy Efficient Condenserlighting, buildings, appliances, and power transmission grids manufactured in the United States to meet higher efficiency standards by December 2010. Click here for a review of the legislation. The entire bill can be read here.

These charts provide a complete summary of the new EISA efficiency requirements and current EPAct (Energy Policy Act) efficiency standards, to help you determine what changes your facility will need to make to meet these energy efficiency requirements. Call Meco Motors for more information about energy-efficient electric motors and about which motors must meet new NEMA Premium® efficiency levels. We can help you with your EISA compliance plan.

Electric Motor Industry News and Updates

Energy Efficiency Greater energy efficiency is now part of United States federal legislation with the passage of the Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA) of 2007, which aims to decrease energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of buildings, utilities and products, including machinery and appliances. This will have a major impact on all businesses that use electric motors.

Meco Motors and our manufacturer partners are at the forefront of the new mandates. The expanding line of energy-efficient electric motors we distribute will help you comply with new EISA and NEMA Premium® energy standards and pave the way for a reduction in your company’s energy use and expenses. Call us today for a consultation about your needs regarding EISA compliance at 973.808.6668.

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