Meco Motors

From planning stage to implementation, electrical engineers rely on Meco Motors to provide the knowledge and support that’s right for each individual project.

Meco’s consultants work with engineers to select the electric motor that meets the dynamic requirements of the particular machinery or system being specified. Our knowledgeable project managers will ask you the questions that matter about torque, speed, temperature, environment, and cost to ensure the proper motor will be sourced for the job.

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Case study

An engineering firm that specializes in pump applications for the oil industry invited Meco to bid on a project, as this firm was looking at motors from one of our manufacturing partners. This client was interested in attaching a particular electric motor we distribute to their pumps to create a total package. It was an open bid.

Meco President Robin Azzollini called the client to discuss the parameters of the project and determined in that conversation that cost was a factor in making a decision. She noted that based on the size and scope of the project, the motor the firm originally requested was too expensive; she suggested a different source from within the Meco network that would be a good fit.

After reviewing the motor specifications, the engineer agreed to the new motor solution, an IEEE/841 motor, built to handle the intended environment. Robin worked closely with the client to clarify certain specifications such as efficiency, and matched up the right motor for the application—and the client’s budget. The engineering firm is a continuing customer of Meco Motors, who provides motor expertise and project management capabilities on special projects.

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