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HVAC & Refrigeration
If you are a contractor who installs and services commercial refrigeration and HVAC, and you specialize in installation and service for supermarkets, commercial and residential buildings, warehouses and restaurants, Meco Motors can save you time and money.

Our in-depth experience, top-quality sources and knowledgeable project managers will make sure you get the right motor for the job, every time. One call to Meco will prove our customer service makes us the premier HVAC/R motor distributor.

If you design specialty air conditioning systems, dehumidifier equipment for industrial commercial and manufacturing applications, or if you are putting together a system for heating, ventilation, air conditioning or refrigeration, our staff will assist you to make sure you get quality motors that every project requires.

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Case Study #1

A refrigeration company in Texas needed condenser fan motors. His local distributor could no longer serve him, and he couldnít find competitively priced motors in his area. This customer found Meco Motors on the internet and we gave him a few quotes.

Even though Meco is in New Jersey, we have the resources to ship anywhere in the United State at efficient costs because of our nationwide network of manufacturers. In the end, even with the shipping costs, we were able to give this customer the most competitive price. We supply him several times a year with condenser fan motors.

Case Study #2

After trying to get help from some of our competitors, a local HVAC company came to Meco Motors with a very old OEM blower motor. In fact it was so old, no one could find out anything about it and there was very little information available on the nameplate of the motor. Mecoís president personally researched the motor and discovered it was made by one of our manufacturer partners. Although it was not a motor Meco could replace, we referred the customer to that OEM supplier Ö and built a Meco Motors customer for life.

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