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Group of Large Pump Units with motors attachedMachine manufacturers of all types require electric motors that serve in a broad spectrum of applications, and electric motors that meet an even broader array of specifications: low voltage or high speed, sub-fractional to high horsepower, single phase to three phases and more.

Meco Motors’ consultants understand that the needs of OEMs are unique, and that as their product lines evolve, so do their motor needs. We work closely with OEMs throughout the US to advise, source and deliver electric motors and motor accessories for just about any type of machinery on the planet. Our staff ensures that our OEM clients meet all their engineering and budgeting criteria as well as manufacturing and delivery timelines.

Case Study #1

Heavy pumping machinery with motor A prominent specialty air conditioning and heating manufacturer approached Meco Motors about designing some new motor samples. Although this company was already working with another motor manufacturer/distributor, Meco was asked to come back with several new motors for its replacement air conditioners and heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and gas units.

Meco worked with two of our manufacturing partners to come up with new motors that were designed to this customer’s particular OEM specifications. The motors were tested, approved and put into production. Years later, we supply this company with five different proprietary motors that we source through different manufacturers in our network.

Case Study #2

Industrial Engineering Site A leading manufacturer of precision-quality instrumentation products came to Meco Motors to discuss its new motor needs. A senior Meco project manager is working with the firm along with one of Meco’s suppliers to design new motor samples for two different compressor applications.

Knowing that certifications by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Conformité Européenne (CE) are absolutely essential to the production of these motors, Meco is working with this customer to improve certain motor specifications that already exist—and that will meet the UL and CE safety and function standards—as the motor redesign moves forward. Throughout the entire design process, Meco Motors is serving as the liaison between the customer and the manufacturer to ensure all specifications and design upgrades are being met. Once production on the new OEM motor begins, Meco will continue to monitor every logistical step from order placement to production to delivery so that the customer can concentrate on its primary business.

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