Meco Motors

Your Partner for Targeted Motor Solutions

Meco Motors takes the time to talk to each customer in order to assess your specific motor needs. This consultative approach has earned us a reputation of delivering superior customer service to many happy customers for over 30 years.

Our motor experts will work with you on job bids and proposals to ensure you get the right motor at the most competitive price for your specific project. We work with engineers, architects, machine shops, heavy and light manufacturers, electrical and HVAC contractors, and motor resellers throughout the United States and Canada—anywhere an electric motor of any size is specified.

Meco stocks AC motors, DC motors and variable frequency drives from the most respected names in the electric motor industry. In addition, our extensive sourcing and project management capabilities mean our customers have access to virtually any general purpose or specialty application motor available.

If you need to replace an OEM motor, Meco can find it for you. In the instances that we can’t, we will still help by giving you the information you need and referring you to the right source. After all, it’s not always about making the sale; sometimes it’s about helping people. How’s that for customer service?

Here’s one way our superior service yielded a tough-to-solve motor solution:

One of our customers was working in the field on a condenser fan unit that needed a new motor. His customer was part of a busy supermarket chain that couldn’t afford to be down any longer than necessary. The problem was that the motor to be replaced was an OEM motor that would take days to get. We advised our customer to bring the motor in to Meco so that our motor specialists could match it with one of the stock motors in our warehouse. Not only was this customer able to get back out in the field to repair the unit that same day, but Meco was able to supply him with a motor at a fraction of the cost of the OEM replacement motor.

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